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Application for The BoX

Player Information
Player name: Shawnee
Are you over 18: Yes.
Characters in The Box Already:

Character Information

Character Name:
A mix of movie and comic
Canon Point:
Post first Film
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive:
Hellboy is a well-meaning, blue collar sort of guy. He understands better than anyone that sometimes the most evil looking creatures can be the kindest, and that not everything in the universe can be put into narrow little compartments of good or evil. He knows who raised him and he knows that he has a good life, not the best but it’s a good one that has taught him honor and given him a solid gold understanding for sarcasm. He is loyal to his friends, understanding, and stubborn as all get out.

     He is also, despite his tendency to punch things, a very intelligent man so don't think he's just some big red lumbering meat head. It won’t do you any good and you'll just sound rude. He knows exactly what he was born to do and he will do everything to live in his adopted father’s footsteps and walk the path of righteousness until he’s good and dead. He can be rather gruff and short tempered with his gadgets but he’s got a good heart. He is resolute in becoming as good a man as his ‘father’ raised him to be, and as far as he’s concerned he’s never going to let his past, or his future be determined by what destiny has planned for him.
He was raised better and he’s spent his whole life learning that he can be that sort of being who protects those who are weaker and in need of protection.

     He tends to be a bit critical of 'specials', primarily psychics as it’s always too little too late, and more often than not people end up dead because of their vague tips. Something which doesn't sit right with Hellboy he'd really prefer to do the job quickly, and with prime directions then wait around for 'The water is in the willow' directions. With his friends he ranges from slightly overgrown grump to big brother, and either way he will protect you and help you if you need him.
He's not leaving anyone behind if he can help it, and takes it very personally if one of his team is injured on his watch. He has a fondness for small fuzzy animals, particularly cats it might be the whole son of a demon and a witch thing, but really he just enjoys their personalities and, when it comes to kittens and babies he turns into a bit of a mush ball, so try not to hurt or eat them around him

    He likes cheap beer and cholesterol laden food with lots of cheese, syrup or whatever artery clogging nightmare he can get his hands on, pancakes are his favorite. As a kid he looked up to the not so fictional heroic adventures of Lobster Johnson, and despite getting into more than a bit of trouble trying to reenact his fictional hero it's obvious that he had some influence on Red's personality as an adult, it's also why he prefers to 'work alone' something about it looking more heroic, but considering what an awful shot he is it usually just leads to Hellboy getting his ass kicked.

     He can be a little self-conscious of his horns and general appearance, but he does his best to brush it off and look tough, it makes him feel considerably better to shave down his horns however. He's been doing it since a certain celebrity decided it'd be a good idea to poke and prod at him like a science project, and they tended to snap off, and give something for people to grab at so he doesn't really miss the damn things.

When he was younger his self-consciousness, tended to manifest in his wild 'Lobster Johnson' adventures, and the professor pulling him out of the fire with kind words and a firm, but gentle fatherly hand. He tended to tell Hellboy wild, and fantastical stories that any child, especially one who looked and aged so differently, the confidence and dreams that he could be normal.
His adoptive fathers influence stayed with him long after his death, and not only by raising Hellboy to be kind and good, but by instilling faith and hope within his son, and Hellboy carries the Professor's rosary as a sort of reminder of both the Professor's own faith, and the faith he can have in himself when fighting his own dark destiny.  Plus he really just likes the thing, I mean he carries Davey Crockett's finger around for the same reason so who knows (it is pretty sentimental he just doesn't like to think about, or admit how much he misses the Professor), and as far as his 'real' parents go? He doesn't want to know, he's gone through decades without knowing, and he wants to keep it that way.

    When it comes to relationships he's pretty A-typical 'but I don't want to do the dishes', 'what do you mean the room is dirty? I clean it Two months ago!' kind of guy, he means well but he hasn't exactly had the most experience in the romantic department so things are always done in baby steps. He was this way with Liz Sherman, who while she started out as just another friend he'd risk everything for in the (as he would with Kate Corrigan, Abe Sapien, and Roger The Homunculus, or any other member of his family) he fell in love with her over time, and while he spent most of their relationship stepping on toes it was very obvious to all those around that he loved her deeply, and wasn't afraid to show it. Even if she wanted him to ditch his records. He told death flat out that if they took her from him he'd go to hell himself, and they'd be sorry. She's his heart and soul, and all those gooey things he has trouble admitting out loud. But when it came down to it, he was truly ready to risk everything that makes him himself and risk all of the world just to save hr soul.

The loss of his father was devastating to him andn ot something he will ever forget, or get over, and even in death Professor Bruttenholm still plays a major part in Hellboy's conscious actions.

    He'll approach the Box in the way that he does with everything else, some information, a lot of brute force, and the willingness to back off if that evil thing in the corner turns out not so evil. He won’t exactly be the happiest camper at being stuck in a horror wonderland though; he gets enough of that stuff in his day to day life.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses:
Hellboy is the son of a witch and a demon, giving him an undetermined long lifespan (while not likely immortal he reached physical maturity in 1954 and has not aged much since ) which gives him decades of experience with all the strengths and attributes of someone barely out of his twenties.

He has a close and personal affinity with the occult (IE being able to occasionally speak to the dead, sensing evil, and the innate ability to understand magical and ancient languages.)  Of course his abilities to speak with departed souls, and supernatural beings depend on the entity, he can’t exactly force somebody to talk. He’s built harder and stronger than humans, causing slightly leathery skin and the ability to survive harder falls, harder punches and even live through multiple savage beatings by the hands of creatures ten times his own size. He’s survived a spear through the chest, fighting an ancient Goddess and multiple brushes with electricity and fire (he's proved immune to both).

    That sort of thing is just another work day for him. He possesses superhuman strength as well, and while it’s not entirely clear just how strong he is he did once uproot an entire tree and use it as a bat. So it’s pretty impressive to say the least. Finally there is his right hand, made of stone and the literal key to the obliteration of the world, and rising of hell upon earth.

     He uses it as a sledgehammer most of the time as it’s invulnerable and packs a pretty great punch, as a side note he has been shown to be able to see farther than that of the average human and having somewhat heightened sense overall. He’s sworn to prevent anyone from setting about that whole apocalypse thing, especially since he figured out that it doesn’t need to be attached to him to bring about the end and if he actually dies with it still there it is rendered useless.

     He has some weakness to magical spells and, at least in the case of the film weakness to religious symbols and sacred ground when he is ‘channeling the end bringer’.
Thankfully he’s basically strayed so far from his evil destiny that no sacred ground of his rosary has tried to burn him, and on at least one occasion he showed some extreme signs of sainthood (lilies appearing where his blood fell to the ground) It might be handy to note that along with his affinity for the occult, and his naturally slow aging Hellboy has come across more than a few trinkets over his long life with the BRPD to help combat against the forces of evil and supernatural in general.

These items range from being known to carry, holy relics, horseshoes, various herbs, and even hand grenades. Though he commonly carries a very large gun, Hellboy openly admits to being a terrible shot and prefers to use short-ranged physical weapons like swords, spears, and his massive right hand. He also, as stated above with the so far useless finger of one Davey Crockett; sometimes carries things just in case, because you really never know.


Network/Action Spam Sample:
That is NOT 'just a scratch'.
Those things will kill you.
Prose Log Sample: “Hey kid, when was the last time you went on vacation?”
Lighting a cigar Hellboy looked pointedly at the not so fresh faced agent in front of him and leaned back against his seat.
“Two thousand one I think? It was after that Red Cap thing in Dublin. With the boat.”

“The one where Denning got give five a’ you locked in that old cellar, and you got back a week late?” There was a wince in the agent’s voice as he confirmed that it had been, and Hellboy could only nod in sympathy, he might not have been there first hand but 2001 had been a particularly hard year for everybody.
He took a long drag from his cigar before reaching into his pocket and handing it to his ‘traveling buddy’ (things were so much easier when the agents all had names like 'Clay' and Irons')  he shruged gently when he was waved off.
“Shit. Add that to this case and you’ve been due for some off time for a little too long You’re gonna’ give these rookies a complex.”

“This is going to be there first run with Shifters sir; I hardly doubt I’m going to be the thing that gives them a complex.”

“Shifters aren’t all so bad, the only reason they wanted me on this job is because I know the layout, and some of the old folk are complaining about their land being breached by a werewolf. Figure I’d help out, and make sure nobody dies over a land dispute and some sheep.”

The Agent nodded in agreement, and tightened the straps of his kit bag before looking out of the small hole in the flap of their covered truck.

“I haven’t been in this part of Europe since I was a kid, it’s gotten a little more hostile then I remember it.” Hellboy laughed and shook his head. He liked this guy, he still had some of that wistful tone to his voice, and it was a nice change compared to some of the more weathered agents he worked with in the past.

“All that means kid is that your family did a good job keeping the bad guys away. Most people don’t join our little operation without some sort of connection to the other side; it’s just how things happen.”

“That makes sense. My great-grandmother was always pretty adamant on laying out honey and porridge for our Brownie and the gifts for the damned gnomes in the garden, but she never once mentioned trouble with the ‘monsters’ the other kids were always yelling about.”